The 2016 Spring Fling regatta was held at Indian Lake, OH on May 16th and 17th.

Friday evening all competitors arrived, boats were assembled, cocktails were enjoyed, and most sailors had dinner at a local roadhouse.

Saturday the first race was sailed in an abundance of “liquid sunshine” with Jeff Patten taking first, and Joe Ewing in second.

A second race was started, but aborted, due to a massive wind shift and incoming weather.  The fleet came in for lunch and the remainder of the day was spent watching the radar and trying to guess what mother nature had in store for us. Racing was cancelled for the day and dinner was smoked pulled pork and chicken followed by cocktails.

Sunday morning the conditions were much better with relatively steady winds from 5-10mph and two more races were sailed with Joe Ewing winning both, and Jeff Patten in second for both.

1. Joe/Cole Ewing
2. Jeff/Anne Patten
3. Bill Monsma & Chip Wood
4. Mark Bucheit & Anna Boatman
5. Geoff Catlin & Chris Seeberger
6. Jack Boatman & Tyrone Chatman
7. Stew Harris & Bridget
8. Brook Patten & Chris Miller
9. Justin Bolles & Matt Zider

1st Place – Joe and Cole Ewing

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