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The Inland 20 Scow Sailing Assoc. has recently found an accomplished boat builder that will be using resin infusion to construct I20 “kit boats.”

 The cost will be $20,000 to manufacture and assemble all the fiberglass parts, as well as fittings that need to be installed during the fiberglass construction process (lift points, chainplates, hardware in the keelson and the bow). Mast, boards, rudders, standing and running rigging are not included.

The boats will be manufactured by Beacon Composite of North Carolina. The company uses the resin infusion process, a significant enhancement over hand layup and vacuum bagging.  The boats will be finished in white gelcoat with a rolled edge at the deck and hull. The Inland20 technical committee, which includes I20 class champions, is overseeing the construction process.

“Our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality,” class commodore Andy Allen of Wawasee IN explained at the annual I20 membership meeting.

Class Treasurer Stewart Harris toured the Beacon Composite facility and created a photo album of the operation.

Boat manufacture will begin in January with completion expected at the end of that month, according to Beacon Composite principal, Alex Venegas. Production slots have been reserved for two boats.

Many i20 sailors have the parts needed to complete a boat, so this is significant savings. Other buyers may wish to hire a rigger to outfit their boats..

You can see time lapse of the resin infusion process of a Thistle in a mold at Beacon Composite on its instagram feed here. (They also make Finns, Highlanders and Y-flyers)
More about the company at its website:

Resin infusion is a 21st century standard in boat construction, leading to resin saturation unmatched by any other process and virtually eliminating the air voids that lead to water weight gain and delamination. 

If you want to reserve a production slot, class treasurer Stew Harris is managing orders. email stewharris(at) A down payment of $10,000 is due by Dec. 4, 2023.

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