The search is over and the Inland20 board has picked Pennsylvania’s Puymatuning Yacht Club for the 2022 national championship, Sept. 16-18.

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“This is a great venue.” said National Inland20 Commodore Andy Allen. “Our Lightning sailors have raced there and they say great things.” The lake is about midway between Cleveland and Buffalo, not far from the I-90 and I-80 corridors giving midwest and east coast sailors an easy trip.

The choice of Pymatuning was a direct result of sailors at the 2021 membership meeting suggesting the I-20 class look for a new venue to host the 2022 championship, Sept. 16-18, 2022. The goal was to introduce the I-20 to new locations, to keep the class growing.

The National Inland 20 Scow Sailing Association board held a meeting with Puymatuning Commodore Scot Werley and Treasurer Cathy Butters in March, with a final decision in April.

Among the reasons for picking Pymatuning was the large body of water, about 6 miles by up to two miles. The lake also prohibits motors of more than 20hp, keeping wakes to a minimum. The club features a nice clubhouse with a modest kitchen, which will be used for meals. There is abundant camping at an adjacent state park. And, inquiries are being made about the possibility of renting cabins at the lake.

“We want this year to be special for our class. It has been a challenging couple of years with COVID,” said commodore Andy Allen. “We want 2022 to be a year people will remember for a new venue and new friends.”  

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